Fullfill Delivery Orders On Demand, Commission-Free

No delivery team of your own? No problem. Get food to your customer's door without relying on third party platforms' ordering pages and their hefty commissions.

Finger Holding
Delivery Status Order Received
Hand Bag
Delivery Order Dispatched
Driver Status Driver Assigned
Demand for deliveries? We got you! (And still no commission)

Demand for deliveries? We got you! (And still no commission)

Don't lose sales just 'cause they can't come to you. Rushable lets you fulfil deliveries on-demand, without letting delivery platforms leach on your profit with their aggressive fees and commissions.

Track delivery status from its courier.

We know that customers will hold you responsible for timely delivery. Rest assured that you can keep an eye on all delivery orders so you can update customers as needed.

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Calculate how much we can save you right now.

Pick one 3rd party platform you work with
Sales generated from the platfrom above
Estimate $15,000 sales per month
Average check amount for each order
Average check is $60 sales per order
Ratio in between pickup and delivery
About 50% pickup and 50% delivery

Win back your profit with Rushable

You keep $10,500
You keep $14,184
Win back $3684 every month

Activate the on-demand delivery option and watch your orders explode.

Fulfill delivery orders large and small for zero commission.

No matter the size of the order, you pay only $1.50 to have it delivered. Or, charge this fee to your customer. Either way, you both save a ton.

Make your restaurant website a true one-stop-shop.

Every time you have to send a customer to a third party delivery platform, you risk them choosing something else to eat. Don't take that risk.

Save tons on labor costs with an on-demand model.

Cut out by-the-hour driver wages and only pay when you actually need to deliver an order. The savings will shock you.

Don't fret about snags- get rapid support to all help requests.

In case of any delivery mishap, you'll get your money back as well as top-notch support to make everything right.

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Alex's Kitchen
Cori & Heng
Mala Sichuan Bistro
Ozy Manji
Hummus Mediterranean Bistro
Jacek Stachowiak
Ziziki’s Greek Restaurant
Lori Pope
Harvest Kitchen & Bakery
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